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Special offers for TAG 2019 participants!

Rainbow Tour TLV is glad to invite TAG 2019 participants to a unique experience: exploring the real gay Tel-Aviv. Hear the stories, find out where it all began and meet the real people behind the city that never sleeps!

Rainbow Bar Hopping Tour

Wednesday, March 27th, 21:00 (9pm)


Meeting point is at the NYX hotel next to the reception.

We will walk to Rotchild boulevard, start the night with shots at Shpagat, see the city from above from one of the coolest roof tops bars in town, eat some Turkish delights made in Tel Aviv and visit the dark side of Allenby (Appollo and the sauna).

What's the price?

60 NIS, shots on us!

Tel-Aviv's Rainbow Story

Friday, March 29th, 17:00-19:00 (5pm-7pm)

Saturday, March 30th, 16:00-18:00 (4pm-6pm)


Meeting point is at the LGBT center (inside Meir garden, Tchernichovsky 22 st).


We will start at the LGBT center, walk through the historical parts of Tel Aviv (including old city hall and merchant st. Allenby), visit Israel's version of Stonewall-Inn and finish our tour at the vibrant market HaCarmel right on time for happy hour!

What's the price?

60 NIS

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